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21 Jun 2011
by Christopher Cooper

Posted in Early Drug Development, TB Drug Development

TB R&D Weekly Update: Potential Use of Polyether Ionophores Against TB

polyether ionophores

During this week’s TB R&D Weekly Update, we explore the potential of polyether ionophores as anti-tuberculosis agents in an article published in 2009 by Kevin, et al. Links to additional TB R&D News are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Efflux and Rifampicin Resistance

AJResp and Critical Care cover

This week we look again at the role of efflux pumps in resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs. Louw, et al., sought to “demonstrate that the level of rifampicin resistance is defined by efflux, which regulates the intracellular concentration of rifampicin.” This is a shift from the current thinking in the field that rifampicin resistance is solely the result of mutations in the rpoB gene. The article entitled “Rifampicin Reduces Susceptibility to Ofloxacin in Rifampicin Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis through Efflux” was published ahead of print in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Additional links to TB R&D News is included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast interview on TB Drug Tolerance and Efflux Pumps


The WGND had the opportunity to interview three researchers (Lalita Ramakrishnan, Paul Edelstein, and Christine Cosma) involved in the groundbreaking research on the role of efflux pumps in contributing to drug tolerance during TB treatment which was published in the April 1 issue of Cell. Additional links to TB R&D News are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Drugs Targeting MMP-1 May Reduce Lung Pathology Caused by TB


In this week’s article which was published online ahead of print, Elkington, et al., presents significant data to support the premise that M. tuberculosis infection drives proteolytic destruction of the lung matrix contributing to lung damage caused by TB and to the morbidity and mortality of TB. Additional links to TB R&D News are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Marine Drug Discovery Symposium at the NYAS


This week in TB R&D, we are highlighting a symposium hosted by The New York Academy of Sciences entitled “New Frontiers in Marine Drug Discovery” on May 20, 2011. This 1-day symposium will overview the current state of the art in Marine Biomedicine and its role in the context of the drug discovery process. Additional TB R&D news links are included.

First Chinese Product Development Partnership for TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS Announced


Today on World TB Day, the International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China (ISEFC), announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) to establish the Global Health R&D Center of China (GHRC). This innovative center will focus on the development of treatments for the world’s leading infectious disease killers—tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

10 Mar 2011

BIO Ventures for Global Health Launches New Online Tool


This week BIO Ventures for Global Health launched a new online tool called the “Global Health Primer” which aims to be a clearinghouse of information geared to the biotech industry to encourage investments in neglected disease product development.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Redefining Tuberculosis Immunopathology

stm cover feb

In this week’s TB R&D update, we look at whether researchers should change their view and definitions of immunopathology in tuberculosis. The authors suggest that the term “caseous necrosis” should actually be split into three processes. The article is published in the February issue of Science Translational Medicine and is entitled “Tuberculosis immunopathology: the neglected role of extracellular matrix destruction.” Also, links to additional news in TB R&D are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast Interview with Philip Bourne


In this week”s TB R&D update, The WGND had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Bourne on a recent article published in PLoS Computational Biology in November 2010. Dr. Philip Bourne is a professor at University of California, San Diego, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Editor in Chief of PL0S Computational Biology. In the interview, Dr. Bourne discusses his present research, use of structural bioinformatics to inform drug discovery, and the need for open access in research. Also, links to additional news in TB R&D are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: TB Vaccine Demonstrates Protection Pre- and Post-exposure


In this week’s TB R&D update, we look at a novel vaccine that shows protection against TB before and after exposure. The research is published in the January issue of Nature Medicine and is entitled “A multistage tuberculosis vaccine that confers efficient protection before and after exposure”. Also, links to additional news in TB R&D are included.