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Working Group on New TB Drugs

Stop TB Partnership

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast Interview with Dr. Tawanda Gumbo


In this week’s interview, we discuss with Dr. Tawanda Gumbo his recently published paper that puts forth evidence that nonadherence may not be the prime reason for the emergence of drug resistance in TB, his research interests and background, the recent debate on the role of efflux pumps in drug tolerance and his research to optimize TB drugs. Additional links to TB R&D news are included.

Kick TB Campaign: Scoring Big in South Africa and Beyond


The Kick TB Campaign is a unique project that uses the World’s most popular sport to educate and engage young people in the effort to stop the spread of tuberculosis (TB).

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast Interview with Dr. Yossef Av-Gay


This week we interview Dr. Yossef Av-Gay and discuss his recently published paper, his contribution to TB drug discovery and the focus of his research. Dr. Av-Gay, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of British Columbia, recently published a paper in PNAS that provides evidence to that points to a specific protein that allows Mtb to bypass the body’s defenses. Additional TB R&D news links are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast interview with Dr. Gyanu Lamicchane

Microbial geneticist Dr. Gyanu Lamichhane of the Johns Hopkins Center for Tuberculosis Research is one of 49 recipients of the New Innovator Award, which is given to promising scientists in the early stages of their careers and is supported directly with $1.5 million in research funding over five years. In this interview, we discuss the award and the related research that lead to the award, as well as, Dr. Lamichhane’s motivation to work with TB. Additional links to TB R&D news are included.

12 Oct 2011

Winstone’s Voice

As has been widely reported, we lost Winstone Zulu, a tireless advocate for TB/HIV. Chief among his gifts was the ability to speak with passion about his subject, finding the precise balance between hard facts, personal history, and an inspiring call to action.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast Interview with Dr. Sanjib Bhakta

Dr. Sanjib Bhakta

This week’s interview is with Dr. Sanjib Bhkata who is Head of Mycobacteria Research Laboratory, Microbiology, Department of Biological Sciences, Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology at the Birbeck University of London. Dr. Bhakta’s Laboratory has developed an innovative method for screening compounds that is more efficient and just as accurate as more widely used methods. Additional links to TB R&D news are included.

21 Jul 2011

Interview with TB Alert’s Mike Mandelbaum

Mike Mandelbaum, Chief Executive, TB Alert

Mike Mandelbaum is Chief Executive of TB Alert, which is the UK’s National and International Tuberculosis charity – the only British charity working solely on fighting TB in the UK and overseas.

Video: Jenniffer Dietrich, Challenge Facility for Civil Society

Jenniffer Dietrich, Stop TB Partnership

Jenniffer Dietrich is Technical Officer at the Challenge Facility for Civil Society of the Stop TB Partnership.

Video: Global Fund Impact in Indonesia

This video presents interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders on the positive impact that Global Fund financing has had for Indonesia’s national programme. This post also includes another perspective from Kenya.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Podcast Interview with Armand Van Deun

This week’s interview is with Dr. Armand Van Deun who was the recipient of the 2010 Stop TB Partnership-Kochon Foundation prize. Last year, Dr. Van Deun, et al., published an article in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine entitled “Short, highly effective, and inexpensive standardized treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis”. In the interview, we discuss this article which presents the results of an observational study in Bangladesh of a treatment for multidrug-resistant TB that incorporates fourth-generation fluoroquinolone combined with other second-line drugs and supplemented by potentially still active first-line drugs. Additional links to TB R&D News are included.