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Working Group on New TB Drugs

Stop TB Partnership

27 Mar 2014
by Working Group

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TB Alliance makes series of announcements regarding new initiatives to combat childhood TB


TB Alliance, an international non-profit whose mission is to develop better and more affordable drugs against tuberculosis, made three announcements on World TB Day demonstrating their commitment to combating childhood TB.

UPDATE Exposed: Aeras’ Film Series on Tuberculosis


Release of Chapter 1 of EXPOSED occured the week of May 20. EXPOSED is a four-part series of short films that tell the story of the deadly global epidemic of tuberculosis. The series will portray the struggles of four inspiring individuals – an MDR-TB survivor, a TB doctor, a clinical trial volunteer, and a TB vaccine researcher – bringing viewers to the forefront of the race against tuberculosis. Click article to view the trailer and Chapter 1 “The Global Epidemic”.

Immunotherapeutic Vaccines, TB and China: Interview with Dr. Douglas Lowrie


This week we highlight an interview with Dr. Douglas Lowrie, a Senior Research Fellow at Fudan University’s Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in China. He discusses the extent of the problem of TB in China and innovative research on enhancing TB treatment using immunotherapeutic vaccines.

27 Aug 2012
by Working Group

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TB Set to Achieve Major Millennium Development Goal by 2015

Click here to read full report.

The 2012 Millennium Development Report was just released highlighting progress made to date. Great strides have been made in HIV and TB from the year 1990 (see below). The Global Plan to Stop TB issued by the Stop TB Partnership is set within the context of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

15 Aug 2012

2012 WGND Annual Meeting is Nov 14 in Kuala Lumpur

2010 Annual Meeting

We will have our 2012 Annual Meeting in Kuala, Lumpur on Wednesday, November 14 at the Impiana KLCC Hotel from 13:00 to 17:30. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the 43rd Union World Conference on Lung Health.

8 Sep 2011

TB R&D Weekly Update: TB Drug Updates in Future Medicinal Chemistry


Last week we posted information about two special issues of Future Medicinal Chemistry focused on neglected diseases. Future Medicinal Chemistry (September 2011, Volume 3, Number 11) have a few articles on tuberculosis drug development. Additional links to TB R&D news are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Some Multidrug-resistant Bacteria More Fit


This week we have an article by researchers from Portugal that suggests that in the case of resistance conferred by plasmids that in some cases resistant bacteria increases its ability to replicate and overall fitness compared to susceptible bacteria. This may complicate research and control efforts to address the rising problem of multi-drug resistance. Additional links to TB R&D News are included.

27 Jul 2011
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News from the TB Treatment Field


Recent articles from around the globe related to governments addressing problems with providing treatment services to those with tuberculosis

TB R&D Weekly Update: Novel Compounds Screened for DS and MDR-TB

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This week’s featured article from Bill Jacob’s lab looks at novel InhA (target of isoniazid (INH), a first-line TB drug) inhibitors and their ability to kill M. tuberculosis (M.tb) that is drug-sensitive, resistant and in dormant stage. Two compounds were identified that had significant bactericidal activity against M.tb: CD 39 and CD117. Additional links to TB R&D News are included.

TB R&D Weekly Update: Latent TB Treatment in HIV and Children


In the July 7 issue of the New England Journal, two articles and an editorial on latent TB and TB prevention are published. One study discusses positive results on a treatment for latent TB in HIV-infected persons. The other study discusses negative findings that isoniazid is not effective in latent treatment of tuberculosis in children regardless of HIV status. A link to MedPage Today is included that provides a good overview of these studies and the editorial. Additional TB R&D News Links also are included.