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Working Group on New TB Drugs

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Working Group on New TB Drugs Launches Strategic Plan 2011-2015


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The WGND Strategic Plan 2011-2015 is an update of the “New Drugs” section of the Global Plan to Stop TB: 2011-2015. It describes the progress, gaps, and vision of the WGND and the TB drug development field as a whole.  Since its inception, the WGND has served as a venue for interaction among partners working in all stages of TB drug research and development, to increase efficiencies and decrease risk for the process as a whole. One of the lessons learned since the introduction of the existing anti-TB drugs is that continued multi-year worldwide commitment, research and vigilance to ensure a consistent pipeline of new antimicrobials will be required to eradicate TB in the 21st century. Thus, there is a need to sustain the critical collaborations between public and private partners to build the current portfolio, which have leveraged the scientific and clinical knowledge of industry, the public health sector, and world-wide academic laboratories.  With its diverse membership, including representatives of all these constituencies, as well as regulators, representatives of affected communities and those in a position to provide funding and support, the WGND remains a unique mechanism for ensuring a consistent pipeline of drug candidates.

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One Response to “Working Group on New TB Drugs Launches Strategic Plan 2011-2015”

  1. Nelly Solomonia says:

    One of the objective of the Strategic Plan is to build capacity for new sites of clinical trials and it’s very important. Involvement of high TB burden countries in this process will give opportunity to make real conclusions and recommendations. Hope, WGND will ensure to find good partners in countries. Sure, representatives from national TB programs will support clinical trials.

    With kind regards,

    Nelly Solomonia

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