The Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute (Gates MRI) is a non-profit biotechnology development organization focused on reducing or eliminating vexing diseases in global health. The Gates MRI’s mission is to develop products to prevent and/or treat tuberculosis, malaria, enteric infections and maternal, neonatal and childhood diseases, all of which are major causes of mortality and inequality in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

Gates MRI takes an integrated approach to product development: multi-disciplinary teams are at the heart of the organization, populated by functional area members with deep translational medicine expertise. The institute is different than a large pharma organization with a focus on diseases that have little commercial potential but create a huge burden of morbidity and mortality in LMIC. Unlike biotechs, Gates MRI has secured long-term funding to accomplish a clear mission. Further, building on the partner network of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the organization is uniquely positioned to rally both private- and public-sector partners and help bring their vast array of expertise and resources to bear against Gates MRI’s diseases of interest.

Gates MRI was founded to serve the global health community by accelerating the availability of efficacious drugs, vaccines, and biologics with an acceptable safety profile for low income countries.


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6/27/2019 Gates MRI Contact: Jane A. Kramer External Affairs & Communications Leader 781-799-9524

 From Spero Therapeutics, inc. Press Release 6/20/2019