Core Group

The Core Group (CG) provides leadership and sets the strategic direction for the programs of the WGND. It facilitates and accelerates decision-making and acts as a catalyst for effective implementation of programs and initiatives developed by the membership.

Task Forces

The WGND Core Group has assembled task forces to execute TB R&D support initiatives.

The CG is composed of the WGND Co-Chairs, the Leaders of the WGND Subgroups and a WGND Community Representative. The WGND Secretariat works with the CG to implement the strategic direction and initiatives of the WGND, develop action items and manage and administer WGND programs and the membership.

Zaid Tanvir

Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
New York, NY

Wim Vandevelde

Community Representative
Global TB Community Advisory Board
Capetown, South Africa

Albert Makone

Community Representative
Harare, Zimbabwe

Christian Lienhardt, MD, PhD

Critical Trial Capacity Subgroup Leader
Stop TB Partnership Secretariat World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland

Tawanda Gumbo

Critical Knowledge & Tools Subgroup Leader
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX, USA

Petros C. Karakousis, MD

Biology Targets Subgroup Leader
Center for TB Research, Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD, USA

Thomas Dick

Center for Discovery and Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health
Nutley, NJ, USA

Mel Spigelman, MD

Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
New York, NY, USA

Barbara Laughon, PhD

Co-Chair & Candidates Subgroup Leader
Bethesda, MD, USA

New Members

The Working Group pipeline is open to anyone who is developing a TB drug. If you would like to become a member, please submit an application.

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