TB Alliance
Chemical Class:
TB Alliance announced discontinuation March 11, 2016. "The MAD study, designed to test the tolerability and pharmacokinetics of ascending doses of TBA-354 in healthy volunteers, resulted in side effects in the initial cohort. Based on the observed side effects and pharmacokinetic data of TBA-354 generated in this cohort, TB Alliance together with its scientific advisors made the decision to stop the clinical trial and the clinical development program of TBA-354. Nitroimidazoles are a known class of chemicals effective against drug-sensitive and drug-resistant M.tb. Pretomanid, a TB drug candidate in late-stage clinical development as a part of the promising PaMZ (Pretomanid + moxifloxacin +pyrazinamide) regimen is a nitroimdazole. TBA-354 emerged from studies designed to identify a next generation nitroimidazole for TB. TB Alliance conducted the studies in collaboration with the University of Auckland and University of Illinois-Chicago. Once identified, TB Alliance further advanced TBA-354 through pre-clinical development. Having demonstrated advantages over the first-generation compounds, TBA-354 entered clinical testing in 2015. *From TB Alliance Website