Telacebec (Q203)

Qurient Co., Ltd, Qurient Co. Ltd. / LLC "Infectex", a portfolio firm of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund
Telacebec, IAP6, CAS No. 1334719-95-7
Chemical Class:
Imidazopyridine amide
Name of Target:
qcrB subunit of the cytochrome bc1 complex

Phase 2. EBA began July 2018 in South Africa.  As of March 2019, study is active, not enrolling.

June 2018. Q203 has a non-proprietary name assigned: telacebec. USAN: -cebec Cytochrome bc1 complex inhibitors in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Phase 1. Description from  Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study in healthy male and female volunteers. Subjects randomly assigned to 1 of 7 treatment cohorts (Cohorts 1 - 7) of 8 subjects each, receiving either Q203 or placebo (6 active treatment : 2 placebo) in a fasting state. Dose escalation to the next cohort may be considered when at least 6 out of 8 subjects, in a cohort, completes all procedures and none of the subjects has a clinically significant adverse event (AE) that is being followed, or at the discretion of the PI if no drug-related serious adverse events (SAEs) have occurred. A food effect cohort will be enrolled to test administration of Q203 in a fed state, at 100 mg dose level (this dose level may change based on PK analysis results). Subjects who received 100mg dose in a fasting state will return and receive the second dose, with food. Subjects will be followed up for AEs, SAE or pregnancy for 30 days postdrug administration.