Chemical Class:
Piperazine benzothiazinone

Similar to PBTZ-169.  MIC reported as 0.15 ug/ml.  Active in vivo, orally bioavailable, 12.5 mg/kg

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Sent: Monday, October 11, 2021 3:08 AM
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Subject: Re:TZY-5-84

Dear Prof. Barbara E. Laughon,

        Nice to hear from you. 

        Thanks very much for adding our compound TZY-5-84 to last year’s pipeline. TZY-5-84 does not go to GLP toxicology testing at present. We have been negotiating with CSPC Zhongqi Pharmaceutical Technology (Shijiazhuang) Co. Ltd ( about the further development of TZY-5-84.  Hopefully, we together will accelerate the advancement of TZY-5-84 in the next two years. 

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