Phase 2a Study of PBTZ169

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**This trial was terminated (Very slow enrollment)


This phase 2a study is aimed to evaluate the early bactericidal activity of a new anti-tuberculosis drug PBTZ169 (capsules 80 mg), and its results will allow preliminary evaluate antimycobacterial properties of PBTZ169 and confirm a potentially more effective dose for subsequent studies. This study is an open, randomized comparative efficacy (on the parameter of early bactericidal activity), safety and pharmacokinetics study of PBTZ169 in patients with first-diagnosed lung tuberculosis and preserved sensitivity to base antimycobacterial drugs: rifampicin and isoniazid.

Within the framework of the study, it is planned to use the studied drugs (PBTZ169 and isoniazid) as monotherapy within 14 days. Isoniazid is used as a "positive control", that is, in order to determine whether the method of assessing efficacy on the parameter of early bactericidal activity is working.

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