The Dose Podcast: Episode 3 "Shortening TB Treatment & TBTC Study 31"

23 Mar 2021
by Working Group

The Dose: Episode 3 "Shortening TB Treatment & TBTC Study 31" 

On World TB Day 2021, the Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New TB Drugs is proud to present the latest episode of The Dose podcast. The third episode will focus on the challenges of shortening DS-TB treatment and the results from the U.S. CDC TBTC Study 31 / A5449. In this episode, we address the obstacles that have previously prevented successful identification of shorter treatments for DS-TB and what the results from TBTC Study 31 could mean for future TB treatment.

Join moderator Shobha Shukla, managing editor of Citizen's News Service, as she speaks with TB treatment shortening experts Dr. Susan Dorman and Dr. Stephen Gillesie. Our moderator and speakers discuss why shorter regimens for drug-sensitive TB are needed, what the current challenges are in the field, and dive deep into the details of the exciting results from TBTC Study 31. They also address the path to adoption of a new shorter regimen and the key factors that contribute to costing analysis of novel regimens. 

Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service, India

TB Expert
Susan Dorman, Study Director for TBTC Study 31 / A5449, USA

TB Expert
Stephen Gillespie, TB Academic Trialist, UK

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