The Dose Podcast: Episode 5 "Highly Drug-Resistant TB & ZeNix Trial Results"


In the 2022 World TB Day premiere of the latest episode of The Dose podcast, we discuss some of the most dangerous forms of Tuberculosis. In Episode 5 "Highly Drug-Resistant TB & ZeNix Trial Results" you can join our moderator, Shobha Shukla, as she speaks with experts on the most highly drug-resistant forms of TB, Dr. Francesca Conradie and Dr. Gustavo Velásquez. The fifth episode will also focus on the results from ZeNix, a Phase 3 clinical trial, that explored potential optimization of a regimen for treating patients with highly drug-resistant TB. In this episode, we hope to address the battle with some of the most difficult to treat forms of TB and how a three-drug, all-oral, six-month regimen could be further improved to help win that battle.

The Working Group on New TB Drugs (WGND)’s podcast series The Dose explores pressing issues and emerging solutions related to research and development of new tuberculosis drugs. The podcast series provides the opportunity to hear from key experts in the TB drug field and disseminate information using a new and innovative platform. The WGND strives to cover the most pressing issues facing TB drug development and the podcast series has the potential to reach a broad audience. 

Episode 5 "Highly Drug-Resistant TB & ZeNix Trial Results" 

Shobha Shukla
Citizen News Service

Francesca Conradie
Primary Investigator, ZeNix
South Africa

Gustavo Velásquez
Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine
University of California San Francisco

To listen, click play on the vimeo box at the top of the page or visit The views expressed in this podcast are those of the individual panelists and do not necessarily represent their organizations’ opinions.

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