EBA, Safety and Tolerability of GSK3036656 in Subjects With Drug-sensitive Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Study Director
Start Date
3 / 2019
Trial Phase
Phase II
Trial Status
Current Enrollment
Target Enrollment
80 Participants

GSK3036656 is a compound with a novel mechanism of action under development for the treatment of tuberculosis. It suppresses protein synthesis in MTB by selectively inhibiting the enzyme Leucyl t-ribose nucleic acid (RNA) synthetase. Thus, this study will investigate the early bactericidal activity, safety and tolerability of GSK3036656 in up to four sequential cohorts of subjects with rifampicin-susceptible tuberculosis. The primary objective of this dose-escalation study is to establish the anti-tuberculosis effect of GSK3036656 on serial colony forming units (CFU) counts of MTB in sputum over 14 days of therapy. Subjects in each cohort will be randomized in 3:1 ratio to one of two treatments: either GSK3036656 or standard-of-care (RIFAFOUR┬« e-275) regimen. The approximate duration of the study for an individual subject will be 5 weeks, including 1 week of screening, 2 weeks of treatment period and another 2 weeks of final follow-up visit. RIFAFOUR e-275 is a registered trademark of Sanofi-Aventis.

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